Ever wondered how The Village Hall gets transformed into The Wool Hall?

Every third Monday afternoon a team of knitting fairies turns up and decorates the place with lovely coloured wool or fabric and all the accessories needed to make items for their families and charities.

Egged on by the pleasant aroma of homemade cakes, scones and other nibbles all accompanied by a freshly made cup of tea or coffee, in the café area. The chatter and friendly banter continues throughout as regulars catchup and strangers become friends.

There is a Knit and Natter Group in one area making their own things or joining in with the latest project. People sitting in the café area chatting and enjoying the refreshments, some pondering through pattern books, whilst others wander around viewing or purchasing the goods on offer.

All the beautiful items our members make are brought in and put on view for experiences to be shared and inspiration to be gained before they are packed up ready to go to their dedicated charity.

It’s a wonderful atmosphere with time to share ideas and skills and learn a few new ways to add to your own repertoire in the presence of like-minded people. Everyone leaves feeling the glow.

If you would like to experience this magic do pop along between 1.30 and 3.30 on the day or if you would like to join in making all this happen, come along 50 minutes earlier to volunteer your help.