Wenhaston Save Our Swifts Action Group
We are a small group of residents organising events to promote swift awareness and conservation in Wenhaston. 
We formed in 2018 having become aware of the recent rapid decline in our swift numbers as reported by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust:

"The swift is one of those birds it is easy to take for granted. Arriving in England for the summer to breed, the high soaring scimitar shapes in the sky and the screaming of the bird around the rooftops can slip into the background of everyday life.
Yet over the last 25 years there has been a decline of over 50% of the birds we see."

(Suffolk Wildlife Trust website)

The UK Breeding Bird Survey shows rapid decline in swift numbers between 1994 and 2018




The aims of our group are to:
  • raise awareness about the threat and decline of swift numbers
  • protect existing nest sites
  • encourage owners to preserve or replace nest sites when they are threatened
  • encourage planners and builders to install either brick or wall nest boxes on any new development
  • encourage householders to install nest boxes with calling devices on their property
  • celebrate the arrival of swifts in May
  • enjoy the presence of swifts as they nest and feed around the village
  • boost insect life by making public and private green spaces more wildlife and wildflower friendly
  • measure local swift numbers by carrying out an annual count (baseline count in 2018)
All residents are invited to join and support the Swift Action Group.
      Contact Kate: WenhastonSOSActiongroup@gmail.com.