Wenhaston Community Support

At the time of writing, life-changing decisions are being made every day at national and local level. It is hard to understand and respond to the implications of these decisions. One particularly difficult decision for many people to accept has been the necessity to formally coordinate local support efforts by establishing a central hub based at Halesworth Volunteer Centre. There are very important reasons behind this decision:

  •      It ensures a systematic, transparent and resilient scheme is established;
  •      It safeguards all involved, both the person being supported and the volunteer. It also helps prevent unscrupulous scammers, who are already trying to
         exploit the situation;     
  •      It ensure services aren’t duplicated and that we don’t miss people because they aren’t on anyone’s radar;
  •      It ensure all money transactions are handled transparently, by establishing a system for invoicing for shopping rather than volunteers handling cash;
  •      It establishes a clear system for recognising and referring on issues that other agencies are better placed to deal with;
  •      It is the most efficient way to share information and developments, linking in with key local support agencies.

The phrase “this is a marathon not a sprint” reflects the necessity of setting up support which may have to run for months and have the resilience to cope when people inevitably fall ill or have to cope with their own family situation.

Cards will be coming through every door for people to volunteer to help or apply for support. Do please volunteer if you can, as many of our local volunteers are over 70 and having to self-isolate.

In the meantime, there are many things we can be doing:

  •        Setting up a Wenhaston Community Facebook page and ensuring we can keep our village website up to date.
  •        Thinking about ways we can involve those who don’t use the internet.
  •        Exploring ways of continuing with some of our social activities online rather than face to face. Can we establish online art tuition, ukelele playing,
           group email book and film clubs?
  •        Thinking of ways we can support families with increasingly bored or anxious children.

The St Peter’s Church in Wenhaston, like all the churches in the area, is open for quiet prayer and reflection. Midday prayer will take place on behalf of Wenhaston and surrounding villages, which will include people’s prayers and thoughts left in church. Sadly this cannot be open to other people as ALL collective worship is suspended. Copies of prayers and ideas for worship and reflection are available in churches to take home. We are exploring live streaming some worship.

What is important is that we work together so that good ideas are shared, and we don’t duplicate projects. Please could you let me know what you are doing, if you are willing to help with any of the above, or if you have any other ideas.

Love and blessings in these strange times,        

Alison and Jane

Rev Alison Alder and Rev Jane Held, Blyth Valley Church Cluster

Alison Alder: (via postbox), Oakhurst, Blackheath Road, Wenhaston, IP19 9HD,  phone 01502 478855 or via email alisonalder@hotmail.co.uk

Halesworth Volunteer Centre – 01986 875600     Email – Karen.kerridge@halesworthvc.co.uk or emma.healey@halesworthvc.co.uk

NHS advice - https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/